H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection Part1.

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YaY! The collection is just genius. I was lucky to get my hands on a couple of items. Shown here: Earrings and the vest (H&M conscious exclusive collection), Jeans:7fam, Blouse and Shoes: Zara (old), sunglasses: trusted Raybans, ring: YSL (still not conform with the missing Yves part!!).

feeling ‚oh so lilac‘


lilac times

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Howdy Ho, it’s been a while and I came back with a rather colour themed outfit. There was a ball on the horizont making it possible to actually take some decent pictures.
The Blazer is from H&Ms recent Iconic Line, showing some indeed very pretty models but I dont know what the hell is iconic about them. Being a Fashion-Moody-Hairy Badass over here.

Bag, Shoes: Zara; Blazer: H&M, Pants: H&M (way back last summer, this time of the year where you see other peoples tattoos you dont want to see)

Pale Days






Look at the Sky and then look at my Coat. I am the Master of disguise!

It’s all from the spanish fast fashion Chain Zara („with the golden Z“), apart from some of the Jewellery and the Vintage Croco Bag from my mother.

Sunnies: My trusted RayBans. The Big Swarovski look a like Necklace is currently still available at Zara

Red Dalmatian gone bad





Skirt, Sweater, Coat: Zara, Shoes: Hugo Boss, Blouse, Jacket: H&M,

Autumn is here, warm weather, no clouds looking ahead, trees are full with green lucious leafs, im loving it!

swinging in the rosegold mood

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Yeah! I’ve always been a big big fan of flaired jeans, my friends keep making fun about me asking if I found a time machine yet, but who cares, I don’t.

Hat-H&M; Sunnies- Ray Ban; Scarf, Blazer, Belt and Blouse- all Zara; Jeans- H&M; Bag- Alexander Wang; Shoes- Mango; Watch- Michael Kors; Ring- YSL


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… chilling on this beautiful place on earth with an appropriate colourful Outfit, everything Zara, apart from the Sunnies (RayBan) and the TShirt (H&M)

Yellow Cab Attack

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Out and about in my favourite city there is. Being a tourist does not necessarily mean you need to walk around in sneakers ( though there are a few cool ones out there right now) No! You can suffer and wear heels. Its all for the City

PS: Next time I bring a spare pair in my handbag… just in case 😉

Blazer, Leggings, Shoes, Bag: all Zara, Sweater: H&M, Earrings: H&M, Sunnies: Ray Ban, Ring: YSL Artsy Ring

Acre Couture

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Blouse,Skirt & Shoes: all Zara (old), Sunnies: No Name, Bag: Miu Miu, Ring: Swarovski, Brooch: from Thailand real Flower dipped in Acryl

around this time of the year the lighting is phenomenal

How to leopard

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You can’t put much in it, but it totally safes the Jeans and T-shirt Issue.

Blazer:Zara, T-Shirt:H&M, Jeans:7 for all mankind (old),Shoes (belonging Constanze):Zara, Bag:DVF, Ring:YSL Arty Ring